As Always She Is Waiting by beckycloonan
Sketch XXI by Charlie-Bowater
Mercury by Charlie-Bowater
Neon by Charlie-Bowater
Bobby Callahan pin-up by OXOTHUK
Going to Hell by pietro-ant
it was done by pietro-ant
Batman/Commission/watercolor/inks by rogercruz
TokusatsuDaydream no.9 by tnperkins
…Lunchtime Batscribblin’… by tnperkins
Nightwing sample Page 4 by joshhood
Vincent by joshhood
The Barackness Monster NYCC 2012 Exclusive (1of2) by joshhood
ChupacRomney NYCC 2012 Exclusive (2of2) by joshhood
Wolverine sketch by joshhood